CNC Sliding Head Turning

Kenworth Engineering offers CNC sliding head turning services, using the latest sliding head technology enables the delivery of high accuracy, precision parts and complex components with a fast service and high capacity, we are a leader in subcontract CNC sliding head turning, working across industries including automotive, medical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil & gas, and renewable energy.

CNC Sliding Head Turning

CNC sliding head turning is a variation of traditional lathe turning where the workpiece moves on the z-axis with the machine tooling staying stationary, allowing for greater precision and faster turnaround times.

CNC Sliding Head Turning is perfect if you need parts and components with intricate details in high volume and with fast turnaround times with sliding head lathe machines being able to do this easily every time.

Kenworth Engineering use the latest in CNC Sliding Head Lathe machinery from one of the worlds leading machine manufacturers, Star, with our workshop being setup perfectly for high volume capacity manufacturing of sliding head turned parts for a range of industries.

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Benefits of Sliding Head turning over other CNC turning processes

When it comes to CNC turning, sliding head turning is the most accurate process available. This is due to the fact that the head of the machine slides along the workpiece, rather than rotating like a turret. This allows for much greater precision when machining parts. In addition, sliding head machines are faster than traditional turret lathes, and can handle larger parts more easily.

They are also capable of producing high volumes of parts with minimal operator input. Live tooling and independent programming of individual axes also contribute to faster cycle times. Finally, sliding head machines allow for angle hole drilling of surfaces, which is not possible with other types of CNC lathes.

Kenworth Engineering can manufacture turned parts and components up to 22mm in diameter and 150mm length using our Star CNC sliding head machines.

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CNC Sliding Head Turning services

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Ability to produce parts up to 150mm long


We can manufacture components with diameters as low as 22mm


All parts and components manufactured to as low as -10microns precision


ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing partner