We work closely with some of the worlds leading electronics industry companies to create custom parts and components to be used within electronics products as well as manufacturing housings and cases for a range of electronics applications

Electronics casings and housings manufacturing

Moving the electronics industry forward with precision CNC Machining services

For over 30 years, Kenworth Engineering has been delivering precision solutions with our tailored CNC machining services to meet the diverse needs of clients within the electronics industry.

With a team of highly qualified machinists and engineers that specialise in the production of parts and components, Kenworth Engineering can help create any kind of machined products for all kinds of electronics industries applications—from intricate casings for medical equipment to robust housings for electric car charging applications.

Our custom solutions provide flexibility to create exactly what you need, helping you get your products to market faster and more efficiently.

By leveraging sophisticated materials, advanced technology, and world-class production processes, Kenworth Engineering is committed to providing top-quality results that meet or exceed customer expectations every time.

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