We work across industries

Subsea industry


Kenworth Engineering work with clients from the Subsea industry to manufacture bespoke parts and components for a range of uses including casings and housings

Electric car charging - CNC machining for the electronics industry


We work closely with some of the worlds leading electronics industry companies to create custom parts and components to be used within electronics products as well as manufacturing housings and cases for a range of electronics applications


Kenworth Engineering have many years experience working with clients to produce bespoke architectural fixtures and fittings for use across a range of applications including window and door fittings and fixtures, bathroom fixtures and fittings and other accessories

Renewable Energy Sector - wind farm turbines

Renewable Energy

We're trusted by some of the world's largest Renewable Energy firms to deliver parts and components for various applications that meet the most stringent specifications and tolerances  

Oil & Gas

Working within the Oil & Gas industry with some of the largest companies in the world, Kenworth Engineering are able to produce parts and components for a range of applications

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Kenworth Engineering have the skills and expertise to manufacture critical parts and components for the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry, adhering to the strict requirements this sector seeks to uphold

Food & Beverage

We've worked with leading brands within the food and beverage manufacturing industry to deliver parts and components to our customers' exact requirements

Formula 1

Kenworth Engineering understand the importance of weight-saving and precision that comes above all else in this industry and we've manufactured parts and components for the worlds leading F1 teams with this in mind


We understand the importance of precision within the automotive industry and we are able to manufacture your parts and components to the highest of standards for almost any application.